How Can You Control Erosion on Your Property?

Erosion is one of the trickiest things to stop on your property. If your property has been plagued with erosion, you probably want to know which options are available to you. After all, you want to make sure that the damage can be stopped.

The good news? Erosion can be slowed or stopped with a variety of techniques. If you are thinking about controlling erosion on your land, you might want to consider these techniques.


Rocks can be a great tool to prevent erosion. For example, you might create a shoreline or embankment with rocks that allow water to run off without damaging the area. You might not be able to use this method alone, but in many cases, it can save you some time. Experts can show you which stones are ideal for protecting your land.

In some cases, the rocks will be encased. Different shapes are available to help provide more stability if your property contains a slope or some water. This technique can be used for long periods of time for effective control over the landscape.

Blankets & Rolls

Blankets and rolls are also a great option if you get water runoff or have slopes in your area. Professionals will set out rolls or blankets to protect the soil underneath. They provide protection and come in different materials based on your needs and the surrounding terrain. An expert can help you determine the right placement and material to use to protect your land.

Planting & Foresting

One way to improve the land you own and prevent further erosion is to restore the forest in an area. For example, planting new trees can help keep the ground stable because the roots will be able to provide more strength. This can help keep the dirt more firmly in place. A professional can help you determine what types of plants and trees are ideal for this kind of prevention.


A buffer is another common tool used to slow erosion. Vegetation grown in small strips can provide some sense of control and can potentially help anchor the land. Vegetation can also prevent landslides on your property, which can provide a safety benefit as well. Strategy is required to determine where these kinds of buffers should be located.

Erosion Control Specialists Can Help

A professional can help you control erosion on your land, stopping it in its tracks so your property is not at risk. Contact a specialist to begin putting these control methods in place.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for an erosion control specialist in your area.

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