What To Do If Your Toilet Is Severely Backed Up

A small clog in the toilet is something that many people have experience dealing with. It is usually as simple as grabbing a plunger and going to work on the clog. It usually is not too messy, although a good washing of the hands is advised afterwards. However, it is a completely different story with the toilet backup problem is so bad that there is toxic waste water pouring out of the bowl and falling all over the floor. If you have never dealt with a toilet backup and would like to make sure that you are prepared in the event that you do, you will want to keep reading.

Turn Off The Water To The Toilet

The very first thing you are going to want to do is to turn on the water line that goes straight into your toilet. There is usually a little shut off valve or knob behind the toilet. You want to do this first because you want to access the situation to determine if all of the water is coming from the drain line under the toilet or if there is a problem with the tank causing fresh water to continue pouring into the bowl.

Grab The Shop Vacuum

If you have a shop vacuum that can suck up water, you will want to quickly grab it. Have someone suck vacuuming up as much water as possible in order to prevent a lot of damage to your bathroom floor. If the water continues to flow and it is not stopped, it could make its way to your hallway and other rooms of the house. This can result in hundreds, if not thousands, in repair costs.

Stop Using All Water In The House

All of the water drains into the same main drain line that takes the water away from the house and to a septic tank or a public sewage line out by the street. If there is a clog somewhere in your line, flushing water down into it from another toilet or sending water down the sink drain is only going to cause more trouble. That water could eventually come back up through the toilet and onto the floor.

Now that you have a little more insight in regards to what you should do in the event you have a severely backed up toilet in the house. Also, you will want to prepare a little further by making sure that you have the name and contact number of a skilled plumber that could quickly come help you if such a problem occurs. Try to find a plumber that is known for being able to make emergency visits for serious plumbing problems that simply cannot wait a few days.

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