Tree Maintenance: Cutting, Pruning, And Removing

Trees are stately, beautiful plants. Your property may feature several leafy trees, and you might have even purchased some flowering trees to make things look even better. However, pruning, cutting, and maintaining the plants may be something you don't have much time for. What tree-related tasks are necessary?

Snip Smaller Branches First

It may seem faster and easier to cut large branches instead of taking forever to snip smaller ones. However, cutting thin branches preserves the tree's health, while cutting big, thick branches could be more damaging to the tree. Why?

Just as when you have a cut on your skin, the tree will need time to heal and seal off large areas so that bacteria and insects can't infiltrate the rest of it. This recovery time renders the entire plant unable to handle much more disturbance. If you'd like healthy trees, work on thinner branches to craft a specific look whenever possible.

Take the Stump When Removing Trees

Another time-saving measure is to just saw off the part of a tree you can see, leaving a barely-there stump. However, the roots will still be nourished, and the stump could produce more life. You might find yourself with odd-looking new growth within a few weeks.

If you're serious about the reason you cut the tree down, you'll have to make plans to uproot the entire plant. You're likely to need a professional service to accomplish that.

Don't Chop the Top

If pruning isn't done, trees can stretch into the sky and risk disturbing power lines. If a tree of yours has been neglected, this could be a concern.

You may want to rent a truck and just lop off a few feet at the top. This is unwise. Because roots are intact, growth is likely to continue, and you'll have the problem again. Instead, work on proper pruning to control growth.

Tackle Small Problems

It's easy for tree problems to go unnoticed. Even when you see something strange on a tree, you might think that's just "nature."

However, remember that trees, like people, are susceptible to illnesses. What you think is just a few spots now could be a disease that ends up destroying the tree. Whenever you see something that seems unusual, consult an expert.

Your trees deserve the same attention and time as everything else you own. If you can't focus on these plants properly, local tree services can step in and maintain young and old trees for you. For more information, contact a tree service such as Joshua Tree & Landscape Co.

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